Nov. 13th - 15th, 2015

Who We Are

Welcome to the Hack SC Factory! We encourage students to be curious and explore multiple disciplines of hacking at our factory, including iOS, Android, 3-D Printing, Virtual Reality & Games, and Web Applications.

We're here to tinker and build. The factory will provide all the resources necessary for you to visualize and build out your ideas in an environment rich with other students who want to do the same.

Our factory is open to all levels of skills and we hope to be a place that sparks both new hackers and skilled ones to take something genuine away from it, whether it be a skill, idea, prototype, or maybe even a product! Check out our HackSChools, skill specific workshops to help anyone interested in learning or reinforcing different areas tinkering.


What should I bring to the Hack SC Factory? A laptop, charger, any other materials you would need to build your project. Optional items are sleeping bags, pillows, a change of clothes (recommended), and toiletries such as a toothbrush.

Who can participate? High school and college students are allowed to apply

What categories of hacks will there be?Web Apps, iOS, Android, Hardware, 3-D Printing, and VR/Games. We encourage students to explore a diverse range of different types of hacks during their time at HackSC. Check out our HackSChools section to see the different workshops we'll be hosting with our sponsors.

What is the policy for travel reimbursements?We'll be giving out partial reimbursements based on airfare tickets the day of your acceptance into the HackSC factory. We'll try our best to accommodate all of your needs to get you to our hackathon economically.

Will there be free swag and food?There's gonna be the best swag and food ever at HackSC. We're gonna blow your minds away.

Do I need to have had any kind of engineering experience beforehand?Of course not! We want every person interested in hacking, whether they're beginners or advanced, to apply to HackSC.

More Questions? Email us at and we'll respond in a timely manner.

Hack SChools

Hack SChools are six hour intensive workshops held in collaboration with our industry sponsors that target specific skills we want to teach at the HackSC factory. We're hoping to help you jumpstart your engines into a new realm of hacking, or to solidify what you've already learned. Either way, Hack SChools are a great way to begin your experience at the Hack SC, and maybe even learn a few tricks before you embark on your creative endeavers.


Learn how to hack on Arduino's, Raspberry Pi's, Oculus Rifts and more in HackSC's hardware workshop. The hardware workshop will go over the basics of using an Arduino before branching out to more specific branches.

Web Development

Beginner: Learn the basics of web development, including html and css. This is an introductory course to get your feet wet in the world of hacking. No experience is necessary, just a curiosity to learn!

Advanced:Learn to quickly set up a MEAN framework (MongoDB, ExpressJS, Angular, and Node.js) app on Azure. This will include information about the cloud and other things you can do using an Azure pass.

3D Printing

You'll learn the alchemy behind the infinite possibilities using 3-D printing. We'll introduce open source tools for quick prototyping and some software skills on creating 3-D objects. No experience necessary!


The games workshop will consist of and introduction to the Unity Engine with C#. You should have some understanding of one major coding language. By the end of it you'll have the know how on creating an interactive game.


In the iOS workshop you'll be learning to navigate Swift and Xcode to help in your Hack SC endeavers. Some basic coding knowledge is recommended, but besides that bring your energy and passion!


These are the factory's collaborators. The ones that will bring you the hippest, coolest hardware, lead some Hack SChools, and be advisors and collaborators while you're building your project. They're invaluable resources.